ports/net/openldap24-* CONFLICTS usage problems

Jason Hellenthal jhellenthal at dataix.net
Wed Aug 15 04:15:52 UTC 2012

It seems that ports/net/openldap24-* has some conflict redundancies when
it comes to using the options provided from ports/net/openldap24-client.

When option SASL is turned on a conflict is occured when a recompile
must happen and breaks the build.

It appears that the cause of the problem is the extraneos meta-port
ports/net/openldap24-sasl-client which is conflicting for some reason
with ports/net/openldap24-client with that option turned on.

I am proposing removing the useless meta-port as the fix.


 - (2^(N-1)) JJH48-ARIN

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