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Mon Aug 13 11:06:07 UTC 2012

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/170599            [NEW PORT] devel/npth: New GNU portable threads
o ports/170598            [update]: net-mgmt/glpi-plugins-fusioninventory-server
o ports/170596            [update]: ports-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent up to ne
o ports/170591            [MAINTAINER] www/codeigniter: update to 2.1.2
o ports/170587            [maintainer-update] devel/cmake-fedora 1.0.3
o ports/170575            [MAINTAINER] math/mingw32-libgmp: update to 5.0.5
o ports/170574            [MAINTAINER] devel/doxygen: update to 1.8.2
o ports/170572            [MAINTAINER] print/fontforge: update to 20120731-b
o ports/170571            [new port]: misc/leechcraft Cross-platform modular int
o ports/170570            [MAINTAINER] security/gpa: Update to 0.9.3
o ports/170567            New port: finance/tryton
o ports/170565            [MAINTAINER] editors/scite: update to 3.2.1
o ports/170564            [MAINTAINER] x11-toolkits/scintilla: update to 3.2.1
o ports/170562            [MAINTAINER] audio/libmusicbrainz: Set EXPIRATION_DATE
o ports/170551            [PATCH] x11/sterm: update to 0.2.1
o ports/170550            Update of ports-mgmt/portsreinstall
f ports/170542            sysutils/bsdadminscripts does not build correctly in m
f ports/170538            x11-wm/enlightenment build breaks
f ports/170537            devel/libftdi seems broken on i386 and amd64
o ports/170532            update devel/kdbg from 2.2.0 to 2.5.1
f ports/170524            devel/ding-libs fails to build in tinderbox
f ports/170502            security/sssd failed to connect Ldap server without SA
o ports/170492            [REPOCOPY] devel/gwenhywfar -> devel/gwenhywfar-{fox16
f ports/170473            [patch] audio/alsa-plugins: disable ARIFF_OSS by defau
o ports/170472            New port: devel/streamhtmlparser A stream html parser 
o ports/170467            Unintended effect of /usr/local/include/base64.h in bu
f ports/170457            [patch] audio/alsa-lib: implicit declaration of calloc
o ports/170448            [NEW PORT] devel/allegro5: Allegro 5 is a game program
f ports/170417            Update port: sysutils/grub2 to 2.00
f ports/170396            [PATCH] net-mgmt/nagiosql: update to 3.2.0 SP1
f ports/170381            x11/slim window manager gives dbus errors starting xfc
f ports/170365            Patch updating finance/trytond from version 1.4.7 to 2
f ports/170357            net-mgmt/tcptrack Segmentation fault (core dumped)
f ports/170348            [update]: databases/tarantool up to 1.4.7
o ports/170347            New port: benchmarks/nosqlbench Micro-benchmarking NoS
f ports/170344            [UPDATE] net/tcpflow: update to 1.2.8, take maintainer
f ports/170339            www/node: segmentation violation in v8::internal::Hand
o ports/170336            New port: textproc/confetti Configuration file parser 
o ports/170285            Update mail/mailman from 2.1.14 to 2.1.15
o ports/170280            mail/mailman reports incorrect value for MM_USERID
o ports/170242            [PATCH] devel/arduino: fix avr-libc SIG_USART1_RECV is
o ports/170241            [PATCH] devel/libftdi: upgrade to 0.20 and fix automak
o ports/170229            sysutils/ntfsprogs is in conflict with sysutils/fusefs
f ports/170186            Update sysutils/modules to version 3.2.9
o ports/170185            sysutils/mgeupsd not correctly works.
o ports/170180            [patch] Mk/ allow make.conf and command 
o ports/170104            error setting source interface in net/mcast-tools, net
o ports/170100            astro/orsa: version 0.7.0 in ports hopelessly outdated
f ports/170089            chinese/ibus-chewing 1.3.10 can't be compiled with ibu
o ports/170000            emulators/vmware-tools6: Can not install VMware Tools 
o ports/169910            [NEW PORT] www/trac-childtickets: Support for having c
f ports/169876            devel/flyspray: Strict Standards: Non-static method Fl
o ports/169861            new port: audio/bristol, Bristol Synthesiser Emulation
f ports/169860            [patch]www/xxxterm has been renamed. I want to take ov
f ports/169770            [patch] audio/alsa-lib: make async handler work (from 
f ports/169767            audio/alsa-plugins: desync with oss plugin
f ports/169759            net-mgmt/nrpe2 doesn't start after subsequent reboots
o ports/169741            [new port] devel/visualparadigm
f ports/169716            net-mgmt/ndpmon several problems with build and instal
o ports/169687            new port: www/xpi-ghostery
o ports/169628            sysutils/devcpu-data
f ports/169613            security/botan: Fix ECDSA for dns/powerdns and maybe o
f ports/169521            astro/weatherspect: Exiting with SIGUse of uninitializ
o ports/169519            [net/cvsup] socksify and cvsup cannot be used together
o ports/169506            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-inotify: The inotify extension a
o ports/169492            [new port] databases/pecl-sqlite must be restored
o ports/169383            New Port: graphics/puf Photographer productivity tool 
o ports/169371            port graphics/sane-backends segfaults
f ports/169333            [PATCH] sysutils/syslog-ng2: move sample config to EXA
o ports/169322            New port: net/armsd: SMFv2/ARMS Service Adapter daemon
o ports/169314            graphics/ImageMagick fails to build: test failure
o ports/169296            New port: textproc/libcrm114 CRM114 C-callable Library
f ports/169165            sysutils/fusefs-kmod: calling fchown(2) on sshfs files
o ports/169090            New Port: comms/ge-x2212-2 An EEPROM programmer for GE
o ports/169074            [NEW PORT] net/jicmp6: ICMPv6 JNI
f ports/169043            Add CONFLICTS_INSTALL=fusefs-ntfs to sysutils/ntfsprog
f ports/169032            Update net-im/qutim port to 0.3.0
f ports/168935            www/firefox-remote shares PORTNAME with www/firefox
o ports/168926            Second '' out of range 0..59 at security/snort-r
o ports/168861            devel/tkcvs: tkdiff no longer runs correctly
f ports/168611            conflict: cad/brlcad: Port shares files with other por
o ports/168491            [NEW PORT] www/py27-django-mezzanine: An open source C
o ports/168490            [NEW PORT] www/py27-django-mezzanine-grappelli: Fork o
s ports/168486            [PATCH] www/sams, warnings "strftime() [function.strft
f ports/168466            [PATCH] www/sams, web-interface, needs GetHostnameSam.
f ports/168407            [patch] lang/gauche: update to, unbreak
o ports/168404            [NEW PORT] databases/dev-sqlite3: This is a developmen
o ports/168328            [REPOCOPY] devel/codeblocks --> devel/codeblocks-devel
f ports/168319            graphics/qiviewer: Not displaying image jpeg
s ports/168215            [PATCH] print/scribus-devel: update to 1.5.0 svn
f ports/168161            [PATCH] sysutils/conky: update to 1.9.0
f ports/168160            ports-mgmt/jailaudit doesn't return a non-0 exit code 
o ports/168141            faild to install lang/ezm3
s ports/167955            [update] graphics/tinyows: Fix dependency to postgis
f ports/167950            databases/memcachedb does not work on 10-CURRENT
f ports/167691            security/heimdal: problem compiling kerberos/heimdal
o ports/167554            security/openssh-portable has some drawbacks
f ports/167175            [PATCH] japanese/eb: update to 4.4.3
f ports/167090            sysutils/ezjail: Invalid command line option in ezjail
f ports/167074            New Port: www/drupal7-ldap
o ports/167042            New port: net-p2p/tahoe-lafs
f ports/167031            security/heimdal ignore environment after process call
f ports/166987            net/nss_ldap: ports/152982 causes nss_ldap to not func
o ports/166826            New port: misc/libphidget The driver for Phidgets devi
o ports/166812            New port: mail/bounceHammer
o ports/166728            New port: science/fvcom-mpi
o ports/166726            New port: science/fvcom
o ports/166665            [new port] java/jboss-as: JBoss 7.1 new port
o ports/166522            lang/f77: Fortran 77 compiler always exits with error 
f ports/166417            rc script for net/delegate (ports)
f ports/166117            add knobs in math/grace to make features selectable an
o ports/166006            Problem with mail/postfix and mail/mailman integration
f ports/166004            www/squid31 3.1.19 crashes on first request
f ports/165672            sysutils/bacula-server doesn't install all symlinks ne
o ports/165586            New port german/lx-office-erp, sql-ledger fork with ex
f ports/165361            x11-wm/e17-module-mem counts memory incorrectly
f ports/164941            [UPDATE] [NEW PORTS] jamvm/classpath w/o jdk
o ports/164306            update mail/mailagent to 3.1.77 and utmpx fix
o ports/164277            new port: mail/roundcube-automatic_addressbook
o ports/164199            Ports fail to acknowlegde newly created users
o ports/164060            net/ucarp doesn't work on FreeBSD 9.0-PRERELEASE
o ports/164055            sysutils/zfs-periodic: Test if scrubbing is in process
o ports/163955            input packet for interface are counted twice
o ports/163850            New port: cad/linux-bricscad
o ports/163583            [patch] x11/kdelibs3 conflicts with openssl-1
f ports/163438            New port: multimedia/mplayer2
f ports/163126            security/sshguard changed from syslog.conf to daemon b
o bin/162681              pkg_add(1): new installer does not add doc packages
o ports/162221            9.0-RC1 new problem building lang/spidermonkey
o ports/162045            print/ghostview 1.5_2 coredumps on certain files
f ports/161690            New port: games/prboom-plus Port of ID Software's Doom
o ports/161578            devel/strace is not working
f ports/161278            net/dante: getoutaddr(): address [...] selected, but n
f ports/161070            infinite loop for graphics/xfig on 9.0-CURRENT
s ports/160993            New port: security/sqlcipher
f ports/159242            New port: sysutils/fuse-zip FUSE filesystem to mount Z
f ports/159177            sysutils/muse on 8.2-STABLE
o ports/159003            devel/cross-gcc attempts to use $PRFIX/../../ranlib on
o ports/158983            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-dtrace: PHP DTrace provider
o ports/157107            conflict between mail/p5-Mail-SPF and mail/libspf2
o ports/156834            New port: games/fairymax-devel latest version of games
o ports/155941            net/nepenthes: mwserv library support is not included 
f ports/155898            Update port devel/libthai
f ports/155115            devel/doxygen: dependancy loop
o ports/152915            russian/xmms v. 1.2.11_12 don't see cdinfo and tag's i
o ports/152899            devel/valgrind: unhandled syscall: 506
o ports/151747            new port: emulators/wine-fbsd64: request for (a variat
o ports/151280            emulators/vmware-guestd6 port install error in /usr/po
o ports/150425            www/squid31: rc.d/squid's squid_fib setting ineffectiv
o ports/148996            net/cvsup-mirror doesn't use preassigned UID/GIDs
o ports/140008            ports-mgmt/portupgrade: many papercut omissions on por
f ports/57498             HEIMDAL_HOME should be defined in src or ports Makefil

152 problems total.

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