portmaster 3.13.13 real endless loop "Waiting on fetch & checksum..."

Michael Ranner michael at ranner.eu
Sat Aug 11 08:24:27 UTC 2012

Am 11.08.12 10:09, schrieb Doug Barton:
> Guys, these reports are useless without the information that I
> asked for:
> While 'portmaster -F' is running in one window, keep an eye on
> /usr/ports/distfiles and see if the file is being downloaded, and also
> keep an eye on the log file in $TMPDIR to see if it is being appended to.
As I already told, "portmaster -F" is fetching to /usr/ports/distfiles 
and appending to fetchlog in /tmp

But "portmaster -i" does this not!
> Neither I nor others who have replied to this thread can reproduce the
> problem you're seeing, and that is some of the oldest code in
> portmaster, so I strongly suspect that there is some problem in your
> environment that is causing this. In any case, I can't debug the problem
> without the information in the paragraph above.
I have erased the ports tree and extracted from portsnap. Reinstalled 
portmaster, checked my make.conf and several other things. I am thankful 
for any hint.

RANDOMIZE_MASTER_SITES=yes does not help.

The system runs since several years without problems, portmaster worked 
until several weeks. Probably Upgrade from 7.4 to 8.3 makes the problem, 
but I have several other systems upgraded the same way and portmaster 
works fine.
> thanks,
> Doug
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