tcmalloc in Tor FreeBSD port

Chris Rees crees at
Fri Aug 10 17:34:36 UTC 2012

Forwarding to tor-dev mailing list; this is their problem.

On 10 August 2012 18:15, Kevin Oberman <kob6558 at> wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 8:02 AM, Jordi Espasa Clofent
> <jespasac at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Please, read the follow thread in tor-dev to be in the loop:
>> I tried to contact the mantainer according to Makefile and Freshports, but I
>> didn't receive any answer. So I guess this mail-list is probably the most
>> accurate place to ask.
> First, bf is typically pretty active, so he (she?) must be away or you
> would have heard from him (her?)

He :)

> Looks like this broke when the port was converted to use OPTIONSNG
> about two months ago. I am not a make wizard or even close to it, but
> the options code is clearly not doing what it's supposed to be doing.
> You can probably roll the Makefile back to r297464, edit the
> " \" line, keep the rest of the
> existing port, and build it.
> If I get a few minutes, I will see if I can figure out why the options
> are not working after the change to OPTIONSNG. I have a port htat I
> really need to convert to OPTIONSNG, so maybe I'll get that done, too.

Brendan's code in the port is perfectly fine.

The is where the problem lies;

if test x$tcmalloc = xyes ; then
if test $using_custom_malloc = no ; then
   AC_CHECK_FUNCS(mallinfo malloc_good_size malloc_usable_size)

^^^ this stanza is included before $tcmalloc is set; examine where it
is set in configure further down;

# Check whether --with-tcmalloc was given.
if test "${with_tcmalloc+set}" = set; then :
  withval=$with_tcmalloc;  tcmalloc=yes


The result is that using_custom_malloc will never be set to yes, and
tcmalloc will probably never be used.


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