Questions about/issues with new OPTIONS framework

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Wed Aug 8 06:25:20 UTC 2012

On 07/08/2012 20:30, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
> So it's based off of UNIQUENAME?  That's interesting.
> The ""documentation"" implies that the name of the variable itself
> should be the {nameofport}_SET or {nameofport}_UNSET, where {nameofport}
> should equal the name of the actual port directory you're in.  Yet, take
> a look at this:
> root at icarus:/usr/ports/devel/apr0 # make -V UNIQUENAME
> apr
> root at icarus:/usr/ports/devel/apr1 # make -V UNIQUENAME
> apr
> root at icarus:/usr/ports/devel/apr2 # make -V UNIQUENAME
> apr

Actually, there is a set of changes being tested and refined at the
moment to make UNIQUENAME really unique per port.  See
for example.  PR ports/148637

Which means that those ports will have UNIQUENMES of apr0, apr1 and apr2
respectively, and the MySQL ports:

> root at icarus:/usr/ports/databases/mysql55-server # make -V UNIQUENAME
> mysql
> root at icarus:/usr/ports/databases/mysql55-client # make -V UNIQUENAME
> mysql55-client

would use mysql55-server and mysql55-client respectively.

Actually, that raises an important point, because the constructed
variable names like 'mysql55-client_SET' should perhaps have
syntactically significant characters like '-', '+' mapped to '_'

One intended consequence of this change is that ports which have
accidentally ended up using the same OPTIONSFILE now no-longer will.
Where it is desired for ports to share the same OPTIONSFILE, as in the
case of mysql55-server and mysql55-client then those ports will have to
have explicit settings to enable that.



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