[RFC] bsd.port.mk: Record OPTIONS into /var/db/pkg on install

Bryan Drewery bdrewery at FreeBSD.org
Mon Aug 6 14:59:51 UTC 2012

On 8/6/2012 9:38 AM, Doug Barton wrote:
> On 08/06/2012 06:34 AM, Bryan Drewery wrote:
>> On 8/6/2012 3:00 AM, Doug Barton wrote:
>>> I would also like to see us embed the distfile information, either in
>>> +CONTENTS or in its own file. This information is very useful for tools
>>> like portmaster to better handle automated distfile cleanup.
>>> hth,
>> I like that idea. My only feedback is to make the auto-delete on
>> deinstall be optional in bsd.port.mk. They may turnaround and reinstall
>> it right away and not want to waste the bandwidth again.
>> Makes sense for port building tools to wipe the old files on upgrade!
> Sorry I wasn't clear, I use the information on the old package to delete
> the old distfiles, after first comparing to the list of distfiles used
> by other ports to make sure that it isn't in use elsewhere (such as QT).

Ah I see my confusion now.


I saw the $RM lines in deinstall and didn't look close enough. They are
just removing the distfile list, not the actual files.


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