Here's unfinish LightDM port.

Jeremy Messenger mezz.freebsd at
Sun Aug 5 03:11:39 UTC 2012

Hello all,

I have promised about that I will clean up and post the unfinished
LightDM port for anyone that who want to finish it. When I discovered
about x11/slim and I have lost interest to work more on LightDM as I
have enough stuff on my plate. Keep in mind, it only will taking you
to the log in screen but you can't enter the password at all. I
haven't dig in it for why it doesn't work. I am a bit stupid on PAM
stuff, so probably it has wrong configuration in the
/usr/local/etc/pam.d/lightdm* or something else.

The rc start up script is also incomplete, but it works. It will needs
to have options for any users can do something like
lightdm-greeters="lightdm-gtk-greeter" in /etc/rc.conf instead of have
to edit the /usr/local/etc/lightdm.conf to allow use
lightdm-gtk-greeter. There are a few of different greeters like KDE
greeter, XFCE and etc.

Here's two shar files:

I have the user/group (/usr/ports/GIDs and /usr/ports//UIDs) look like this:

# grep lightdm /etc/group
# grep lightdm /etc/passwd
lightdm:*:959:959:LightDM Display

Oh yeah, I total forgot about that I have found a patch from somewhere
mailing list to add 'X -novtswitch' support in the
x11-servers/xorg-server. The LightDM will need it unless you know the
another way. Put this file in the x11-servers/xorg-server/files/.
Although, I don't know if it's 100% works, but at least it got me to
the log in screen. *chuckles*


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