Can't get gvim working

Doug Barton dougb at
Sat Aug 4 21:34:29 UTC 2012

On 08/04/2012 14:02, David Demelier wrote:
> Hi,
> I enabled the WITH_OPTIONS in the editors/vim port, and installed with
> X11, GTK2 and GNOME2 options, but gvim stills says :
> E25: GUI cannot be used: Not enabled at compile time
> As you can see the output of make showconfig:
> ===> The following configuration options are available for vim-7.3.556_1:
>      PERL=off: Enable Perl interpreter

>      GNOME2=on: Gnome2 GUI

Works fine for me, the only difference in settings is that I have these
2 knobs flipped. Unlikely the first matters, but the gnome option is
probably relevant.




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