Can't get gvim working

David Demelier demelier.david at
Sat Aug 4 21:02:41 UTC 2012


I enabled the WITH_OPTIONS in the editors/vim port, and installed with 
X11, GTK2 and GNOME2 options, but gvim stills says :

E25: GUI cannot be used: Not enabled at compile time

As you can see the output of make showconfig:

===> The following configuration options are available for vim-7.3.556_1:
      PERL=off: Enable Perl interpreter
      PYTHON=off: Enable Python interpreter
      RUBY=off: Enable Ruby interpreter
      TCL=off: Enable TCL interpreter
      LUA=off: Enable lua interpreter
      LANG=off: VIm Translations
      CSCOPE=off: Enable cscope
      EXUBERANT_CTAGS=off: Use exctags instead of ctags
      X11=on: X11 support (required for options below)
      X11_ONLY=off: CLI-only Vim, but with basic X11 support
      XTERM_SAVE=off: Restore xterm screen after exit
      ATHENA=off: Athena GUI
      GTK2=on: GTK2 GUI
      GNOME2=on: Gnome2 GUI
      MOTIF=off: Motif GUI
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings


David Demelier

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