PHP 5.4.0 : lang/php54

Svyatoslav Lempert svyatoslav.lempert at
Wed Apr 18 17:52:41 UTC 2012

Hello, Alex!

FreeBSD 8.3 is done, please commit update lang/php5 to PHP 5.4 to
portstree. Thank you in advance.
I'm really waiting for this moment because I was going to install a
large number of new servers with the new version of PHP (version 5.4
should be so you do not have a problem with a major update of the
working of the system) and allready waited for several weeks.
Who needs the old 5.3 - can roll back the version of the ports to
today's date and solve the question with lang/php53

2012/3/12 Alex Dupre <ale at>:
> I've already created patches to update the current php5 port to 5.4. I'm
> waiting for fixes to other main php-related ports and the end of ports
> freeze to make them public and then commit them.
> I'm tired to listen at every PHP release that we should not update
> because everything broke (and on the other side people asking me when
> the port will be update, because it has incredible new features).
> Updating php port is a big task and will be done with the correct
> timing. Functions removed in php5.4 have been deprecated 10 year ago, if
> you still rely on them after more than 2 years PHP 5.3.0 has been
> released, then probably you should stick to lang/php52 port, or find a
> maintainer and a committer willing to create and maintain lang/php53.

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