Update on ports on 10.0

Erwin Lansing erwin at FreeBSD.org
Tue Oct 11 06:36:04 UTC 2011

Since the release has been pushed back some more since the last mail, we
do have some time to test a possible fix for the issues we're seeing
with libtool on FreeBSD 10.0.  However, fixing libtool is only part of
the problem as hundreds, if not thousands, of ports roll their own
detection and need to be fixed individually.  We are currently running
a fixed libtool (ports/161404) to assess how many ports are fixed by
this patch and how many need to be patches manually before deciding how
to move forward.  Other options include the big find/grep/awk solution
that has been posted several times and fiddling with uname to go to
FreeBSD 9.99 for a while, while ports can be fixed.

Hopefully, we can move forward in a day or two, but needless to say this
needs a lot of testing both on 10.0 and earlier releases so we are sure
we don't break backwards compatability, especially on 9.0 that is soon
to be released.  For those that cannot wait a few days, several patches
have been proposed on the lists, of which dougb's seems most complete,
so I recommend applying one of those locally.  Please note that these
are not tested widely and may break when the final fix is committed.

To conclude with some "fun" facts, only 232 ports break on HEAD
currently.  Unfortunately, some of these are pretty high profile and
prevent almost 19.000 other ports from building, leaving only slighty
more than 3000 ports to build successfully.


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