ports/153337: print/acroread9: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'RSException'

Hiroki Sato hrs at FreeBSD.org
Sun May 29 18:27:06 UTC 2011

"O. Hartmann" <ohartman at mail.zedat.fu-berlin.de> wrote
  in <4DE28663.5080408 at mail.zedat.fu-berlin.de>:

oh> On 05/29/11 19:30, hrs at FreeBSD.org wrote:
oh> > Synopsis: print/acroread9: terminate called after throwing an instance
oh> > of 'RSException'
oh> >
oh> > State-Changed-From-To: suspended->closed
oh> > State-Changed-By: hrs
oh> > State-Changed-When: Sun May 29 17:29:50 UTC 2011
oh> > State-Changed-Why:
oh> > This issue should be fixed in the latest version.  Please give it a
oh> > try.
oh> >
oh> > http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=153337
oh> No. Negative. Still the same issue on FreeBSD
oh> 9.0-CURRENT/amd64. Suggest you reopen it.

 Did you really try the latest one which I committed 20 min ago?

-- Hiroki
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