daemontools functionality changes with patch

J crawford jmc-ports at sociology.osu.edu
Thu May 26 19:41:20 UTC 2011

Concerning sysutils / daemontools port

 I don't favor the addition of the
"Add Gerritt Pape's patch to skip the timestamp when matching incoming
log messages against the specified patterns."
to the daemontools port. multilog then does not function
as described in the documentation.

man multilog
  Patterns apply to the line after the timestamp is inserted.

That's a pretty large change in functionality, undocumented in the
accompanying man pages and not matching the documentation of

Could you consider modification of the port so that this is change in functionality
is removed (or optionally configurable with a warning)?

By the way, Gerrit's name is misspelled with two t's in the change comment
and patch code.

Thanks for Roam's contributions to the FreeBSD project.

John Crawford

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