Firefox 4 with PGO compile error

Jason Hellenthal jhell at
Wed May 25 11:47:31 UTC 2011


On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 11:26:51AM +0100, Jamie Paul Griffin wrote:
> On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 11:39:36AM +0200, Daniel Nebdal wrote:
> > I *think* that error is because it expects a gnome session (or at
> > least a dbus server) to be available. If you used plain "su" to become
> > root, it won't have the right environment. Could you try either sudo
> > or su -m ?
> I built it yesterday with this option enabled and I don't have gnome on my system, only fvwm2. I also su'd from my regular user id to build and install the port. group wheel,operator.

The build needs to have access to the Xserver as the user who is
building the port. Since you are root, the correct environment variables
would not be set as well no access to the server by its normal access

As your build-user:
(csh): setenv DISPLAY :0
(sh): export DISPLAY=:0

As the X user:
xhost +local: +inet:localhost

That should fixup that problem. At the beggining of the build there
is a message about this but not with the procedures that need to be done
to build the server with PGO successfully and expects someone to look
further into setting that up. Maybe its time to provide some URL's to
some directly relavent pages...

Good luck.


 Regards, (jhell)
 Jason Hellenthal

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