mixing local and remote package repositories

perryh at pluto.rain.com perryh at pluto.rain.com
Mon May 23 06:13:47 UTC 2011

Suppose I start to install some packages using "pkg_add -K -r" and
something goes wrong partway through.  When trying again, AFAICT
there is no way to tell pkg_add to first look for any package that
it needs (e.g. dependencies) in the local repository created by the
previous run's -K switch, but fall back to the remote repository
for any not found locally.

It's not immediately obvious how to accomplish such a retry with
portmaster either, since -PP --local-packagedir= would want the
local repository to be formatted in the same way as the remote
ones -- and it doesn't look as if "pkg_add -K -r" does that.

Is there a simple way to create the <path>/Latest and category
symlinks that portmaster needs, given only a collection of packages
in the <path>/All directory?

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