cannot launch VMs (upgrade to virtualbox-4.0.8)

Gour-Gadadhara Dasa gour at
Sun May 22 19:06:41 UTC 2011

On Sun, 22 May 2011 19:23:20 +0200
Bernhard Froehlich <decke at> wrote:

> Then you probably haven't restarted the machine after updating?

I did, but I noticed in the dmesg that attempt to launch VM give some
'mismatch error' which made me to think that not all components are in

Actually, when I re-installed virtualbox-ose, I've noticed that the
old 3.2.x config was active and then I did issue: make config and

> The PUEL Extpack is a binary blob that does not support FreeBSD. So
> this is not supposed to work.

Ahh, OK. This makes life easier...The web site says: "VirtualBox 4.0.8
Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack All platforms" so I thought it
should work on FreeBSD as well.

Strange thing is that VueScan recognizes my Epson scanner (connected
via USB) when using Ubuntu under VM, but not under WinXP VM...


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