graphics/netpbm upgrade from _2 -> _3

Matthias Andree mandree at
Wed May 11 08:48:25 UTC 2011

Am 11.05.2011 05:24, schrieb Jason Hellenthal:
> Is the the check for a already install same version really neccesary any 
> more ?
> When upgrading from _2 to _3 it currently bails.
> Attached is the patch that corrects that behavior.


there may still be people who upgrade less frequently and are still
using a 10.2* version.

However, because this was too painful (particularly as portmaster can't
chop out a failing dependency subtree and continue with the working
ports), I've spent some time yesterday to analyze the problem and
proposed a patch to address this problem, and to address the parallel
build: <>

Dirk (dinoex@) has committed a more efficient alternative, so even users
who have some old 10.2?.* version installed can now build 10.35.80_3
without deinstalling the old version first.
(We haven't bumped the PORTREVISION as the installed files do not change.)

There is also a patch pending that re-enables MAKE_JOBS_SAFE for the
benefit of those with multi-core computers (like I am).

Best regards

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