Why so many versions of the port science/hdf?

Thierry Thomas thierry at FreeBSD.org
Tue May 10 17:12:12 UTC 2011

Le mar 10 mai 11 à 15:05:02 +0200, Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at missouri.edu>
 écrivait :

> If we could settle on using hdf5-18 throughout, that would be great.  (I 
> currently maintain opendx, so that would be something I can fix.)
> Are there ports that need hdf but don't build with hdf5-18?

I already switched several ports from hdf5 to hdf5-18 (see
PR ports/154736).

It seems that it would be possible to replace hdf5-18 by hdf5
everywhere, but some ports would require to define H5_USE_16_API.

Best regards,
Th. Thomas.
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