ports/151371: New Port: audio/pithos GNOME Pandora player

John Prather john.c.prather at gmail.com
Fri May 6 01:12:14 UTC 2011

John / Community,

I'm a huge fan of pithos (namely because adobe air is not available
for FreeBSD to run the official pandora desktop client), and was
somewhat disappointed that PR ports/151371 ended up being closed
without getting corrected and committed.

I had a far simpler version of a pithos port which I almost submitted
back in December, before John beat me to the chase with a more complex
one.  I've updated it to current 0.3.8 r162, and would be happy to
submit it as another new port request, however I believe that might be
a bit of a kneejerk reaction.

1) I have no python skills, it's a miracle I even put together a port
for this which works.
2) I have an extremely weak understanding of gnome/kde .desktop files
3) There are patches in this PR which I don't understand, due to #1 and #2.
4) I don't want to submit my super basic port without including the
hard work John put into his attempt in it, but that's hard due to #3.
5) It's likely john at pcbsd.org may be a more competent maintainer for
this port than I would be, given the above, especially #1.

If John Hixson, or for that matter, anybody else in the community who
is more familiar with these things than I, has interest in pursuing
getting pithos easily available on the FreeBSD desktop, I would be
happy to share what I have and let this rest in the hands of somebody
less likely to get stumped by some python issue in future releases.

If I don't get a response, I'll probably eventually just submit what
I've got put together, since a basic pithos port seems better to me
than none at all.

What I have together right now for 0.3.8r162 is available for review at:


Hasn't been through tinderbox since I've tweaked it, but seems to
build, install, and deinstall without any issues.

Any interest?


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