isc-dhcp41-server fails to start

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Wed May 4 18:27:10 UTC 2011

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On 5/4/11 1:20 PM, Robert Huff wrote:
> 	System:
> FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT #0: Mon Apr 18 11:59:37 EDT 2011 amd64 
> 	I have this in /etc/rc.conf:
> dhcpd_enable="YES"				# dhcpd enabled?
> dhcpd_flags="-q"				# command option(s)
> dhcpd_conf="/usr/local/etc/jerusalem.dhcpd.conf"	# configuration file
> dhcpd_ifaces="em1"				# ethernet interface(s)
> dhcpd_withumask="022"			# file creation mask
> dhcpd_chuser_enable="YES"		# runs w/o privileges?
> dhcpd_withuser="dhcpd"		# user name to run as
> dhcpd_withgroup="dhcpd"		# group name to run as
> dhcpd_chroot_enable="YES"		# runs chrooted?
> dhcpd_devfs_enable="YES"		# use devfs if available?
> dhcpd_rootdir="/var/db/dhcpd"	# directory to run in
> dhcpd_includedir=""	# directory with config-files to include
> 	With isc-dhcp41 server successfully built and installed,
> attempts to run it produce:
> Starting dhcpd.
> /usr/local/etc/rc.d/isc-dhcpd: WARNING: failed to start dhcpd
> 	I can't find a log file with more information.
> 	The dhcpd.conf is appended.
> 	Would some generous person let me know what I've bungled?
> 				Robert Huff

Hi Robert,

I usually do a few different things in this situation:

1) Run the rc.d script with "sh -x" to show the commands as they are
executed.  You may discover a problem with your rc.conf variables or
with the startup script by doing that.

2) The output from running the script that way should show you the
actual command used to invoke the daemon.  Try starting the daemon by
hand at the command prompt, perhaps with some other arguments to enable
debugging, stay in the foreground or force logging.

3) If that still fails, I will try #2 again and invoke the daemon under
truss or strace (make sure to use the -f or -ff and -o options) to see
if there are missing files, wrong permissions in the filesystem or other
system-level problems.

If you want, post the output from any of those techniques and we'll see
if it helps troubleshoot the problem further.

Hope that helps,

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