saving a few ports from death

mato gamato at
Sun May 1 07:12:41 UTC 2011

Doug Barton wrote:
> On 04/25/2011 17:28, martinko wrote:
>> Ok,
>> I skimmed through the list of deprecated ports and I identifed the
>> following that I may be using or at least used in past and I could take
>> over their maintenance to save them from death:
> Generally by the time that a port has deteriorated to the point where 
> the distfiles are gone, and it has no maintainer, it's usually a 
> pretty good sign that it's time to move on. This isn't just because of 
> the distfile issue. Every port in the tree consumes resources, whether 
> it's for pointyhat runs, space on the package sites (including the 
> mirrors), etc. They also consume time to deal with when they get 
> broken by changes in the OS, etc. What we're trying to do here is to 
> eliminate ports that are no longer useful.
> You might want to consider whether or not some of these can be 
> replaced by different alternatives.
>> misc/wmweather
> Give misc/wmweather+ a try. It's actively developed and maintained.
>> sysutils/wmmemmon
> There are a million other dockapps that do similar jobs, and this one 
> does not seem that special. :)
> As for the gimp thing that you mentioned, I don't know anything about 
> it, but if you wish to become its maintainer the polite thing to do 
> would be to provide resources to host its distfile(s).
> Doug

Well, I actually use both weather dockapps you mentioned and would like 
to keep them.  The same goes for wmmemmon.  Diversity is good, people 
have different tastes and I hope no one is going to make (unnecessary) 
decisions for them.

Regarding hosting the files -- one of the goals of the foundation is to 
provide infrastructure for the project.  And this seems like one of the 
opportunities to do so.  Besides, all of the ports mentioned have their 
distfiles already mirrored on FreeBSD's FTP.



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