firefox 4 crashes after last nspluginwrapper-devel

Brandon Gooch jamesbrandongooch at
Thu Mar 31 23:34:00 UTC 2011

On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 5:27 PM, Barbara <barbara.xxx1975 at> wrote:
>>On Thursday 31 March 2011 02:34 am, Barbara wrote:
>>> >On Wednesday 30 March 2011 07:03 pm, Barbara wrote:
>>> >> I'm referring to this commit:
>>> >>
>>> >>-po rts
>>> >>
>>> >> After updating nspluginwrapper-devel, firefox instead of
>>> >> randomly freezing for few seconds after closing o reloading a
>>> >> tab with a flash running, crashes, which is even more annoying.
>>> >> Now after the crash I have 2 core files: one for firefox-bin and
>>> >> one for npviewer-bin.
>>> >> Anyone else seeing the same?
>>> >
>>> >Did you reinstall wrapper in your
>>> > ~/.mozilla/plugins directory?
>>> >
>>> >Just making sure...
>>> >
>>> >Jung-uk Kim
>>> I run "nspluginwrapper -a -v -i" in that directory, as I always did
>>> after upgrading that port.
>>> I think that you are talking about that, aren't you?
>>Yes.  I hardly use '-a', though.  Can you please show me
>>'nspluginwrapper -l' output?
> Sure!
> $ nspluginwrapper -l
> /home/bar/.mozilla/plugins/
>  Original plugin: /usr/local/lib/browser_plugins/
>  Plugin viewer: /usr/local/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer
>  Wrapper version string: 1.3.0
>>> I'd like to add that, from what I saw until now, the problem seems
>>> happining only with FF4.
>>> My "main" browser is www/seamonkey2 and I had no crash with it and
>>> *it seems* (suggestion?not enough tests?) that the freezing
>>> behaviour is gone. I think that Fedora still uses FF3.6.*, so maybe
>>> the fix is good only for the pre-2 libxul/xulrunner/gecko engine,
>>> maybe the glue part...?. Is that possible?
>>Actually I myself use Firefox 4 on CURRENT/amd64 and I've never
>>experienced such problem.
> I'm currently using it on 8_STABLE/i386.
>> Long ago, I had stale plugins around
>>(i.e., accidentally ran 'nspluginwrapper -i' as root, which installed
>>wrappers in system-wide location) and it caused such crash, though.
> I'm 100% sure I've never run it as root.
> Do you think that rebuilding FF4 WITH_DEBUG could be of any help to understand
> what's going on?
> Barbara

I was running into the same issue with Firefox 4 crashing. When I
built Firefox with debugging turned on, I couldn't get it to crash. So
I don't think it will help in this scenario, but you could give it
shot I suppose.

I finally wound up removing and reinstalling Firefox, the linux compat
layer (f10), the flash plugin, nspluginwrapper, and every trace of the
plugin from my system (that I could find). I also followed the
Handbook's recommended installation method, and began running "tests".
The testing phase was simply opening many tabs with embedded flash
objects :)

So far, no crash. The only message I continue to see in the terminal
from which Firefox is launched is:

*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: no valid NPP -> PluginInstance mapping found

It doesn't seem to cause any real problems, so...

Anyway, I'm going to keep hammering until something finally breaks, haha ^_^


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