Port configuracion and compilation

egoitz at ramattack.net egoitz at ramattack.net
Wed Mar 30 18:29:24 UTC 2011

 Hello all,

 One little question. I have package collections of packages made 
 (packages created by compiling ports and later pkg_create -Rb) for my 
 freebsd provisioned releases with the servers I need to provision (mail, 
 web, etc)...

 now imagine, someone in some of those provisioned servers (with 
 provisioned packages, installed with a pkg_add * from the directory 
 where are packages provisioned downloaded from one of my servers) one 
 sysadmin goes to compile another port (I install in provisioned servers 
 the ports that come with the installed release which are the same ports 
 as which with I make the provisioned packages) which has as dependency 
 an installed package... for example don't know... let's imagine Postfix 
 has libiconv or any as dependency... when you do from 
 /usr/ports/mail/postfix a make config-recursive... although libiconv is 
 installed it asks you for compilation options... what happens if the 
 user is compiling postfix, sets for example libiconv options as default 
 (with default options) and if the package previously compiled by me for 
 libiconv has not the default options? imagine has less options 
 (features) for example... could this break something??. I mean when 
 Postfix (or whatever package with installed dependencies) is compiled, 
 the freebsd ports system looks for something at /var/db/ports/*/OPTIONS 
 or similar?? or ports are just compiled as the given options to them and 
 although you specify anything for installed dependencies in the ncurses 
 menu for configuring the dependency port (launched by config-recursive) 
 it just compiles the port you are compiling (so basically what you want 
 to install, the software is not at the moment on the machine) and with 
 the options specified for the compiling port ignoring how dependecies 
 are in /var/db/ports/*/OPTIONS?

 Thanks a lot in advance.
 Good bye.

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