[ECFT] pkgng 0.1-alpha1: a replacement for pkg_install

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at freebsd.org
Tue Mar 29 18:27:59 UTC 2011

2011/3/29 Andriy Gapon <avg at freebsd.org>:
> on 28/03/2011 21:22 Julien Laffaye said the following:
>> On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 6:59 PM, Garrett Cooper <gcooper at freebsd.org> wrote:
>>>> III. Package naming that includes architecture, major OS version (for API/ABI),
>>>> maybe more.
>>> This could be provided in the manifest. Doing it in the filename sort
>>> of turns into a mess, as I've discovered working at Cisco :).
>> Actually, it *is* in the +MANIFEST of pkgng packages archives :-)
> Well, by the package name I meant not only a package file name.
> Let's imagine that we do support installing i386 packages on amd64 in parallel to
> amd64 packages.  And for some reason I want to have both 32-bit and 64-bit
> versions of, say, firefox; e.g. for benchmarking.  If the packages would have the
> same name, then that would be impossible.
> I think that having some thing in package name in addition to package metadata
> could have certain benefits.
> --
> Andriy Gapon

I understand but I think pkgng is already quite radical changement.
More change is taking the risk that it would be rejected in the end,
we still do not have any reply from portmgr, there is no insurance
pkgng will in the end replace pkg_install. Currently pkgng requires
only very few changes from the ports infrastruture, I don't know the
cost of changing the name scheme.

If I'm not clear enough, supporting both 32bits and 64bits packages at
the same time on amd64 or arches that could support this kind of
installation, is a large change we don't want to take the
responsability of :) and implementing this in pkgng would significate
we already choose how it should work.


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