Alpha/AXP ports

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Tue Mar 29 09:11:15 UTC 2011

I recently happened to notice that lang/compaq-cc is still present
in the ports tree, although it's only for alpha.  It can presumably
be deleted.

That triggered me to have a closer look through the ports tree.
Whilst there aren't any other alpha-only ports, there are a number of
other ports that mention alpha in ONLY_FOR_ARCHS or in conditional
make code.  A complete list follows.  How should this be handled?  It
seems silly to submit a massive number of PRs.

archivers/paq               bf at
audio/cheesetracker         ports at
audio/gqradio               stefan.jahn at
audio/linux-mbrola          ports at
audio/xsidplay              ports at
audio/zinf                  ports at
biology/dna-qc              ports at
biology/platon              ports at
cad/chipmunk                ports at
databases/metakit           mm at
devel/allegro               cyberbotx at
devel/asl                   ports at
devel/directfb              anatoly.borodin at
devel/gdb53-act             john at (%)
devel/judy                  skv at
devel/ossp-ex               ports at
devel/ossp-var              mnag at
devel/qmake                 mi at
devel/qmake4                kde at
devel/st                    lippe at
emulators/generator         ports at
emulators/ia64sim           ports at
emulators/twin              ports at (%)
finance/quantlib            dikshie at
games/adgali                gahr at
games/digger-vgl            ports at  (#)
games/exmars                ports at
games/freesci               ports at
games/quakeforge            danfe at
graphics/ale                ports at
graphics/ayam               gahr at
graphics/gtkdps             dinoex at
lang/TenDRA                 ports at
lang/compaq-cc              ports at  (*)
lang/ezm3                   ports at
lang/mpd                    kaiw27 at
lang/pnetlib                sylvio at
lang/python24               python at
lang/python25               python at
lang/python26               python at
lang/python27               python at
lang/sml-nj-devel           joemann at
lang/sr                     ports at
lang/swi-pl                 g.gonter at
lang/tcc                    dinoex at (#)
mail/lmtp2nntp              vd at
mail/mutt                   udo.schweigert at
mail/scmail                 ports at
math/GiNaC                  stephen at
math/PDL                    perl at
math/algae                  ports at
math/gotoblas               maho at
misc/compat4x               ports at
misc/compat5x               ports at
misc/compat5x               ports at
misc/compat6x               mnag at
misc/localedata             ports at
multimedia/bsdbktr_tvtune at
multimedia/camserv          ports at
multimedia/fxtv             ports at
multimedia/libmpeg2         multimedia at
multimedia/vcdgear          ports at
multimedia/xawtv            oliver at
net/click                   ports at
net/cvsup                   ports at ($)
net/mDNSResponder           sunpoet at
science/flounder            ports at
science/hdf                 ports at
security/john               danfe at
security/p5-Net-SinFP       sbz at
security/pgp                ports at
sysutils/gpart              mandree at (%)
sysutils/screen             cy at
textproc/docbook-to-man     ports at
textproc/opensched          ports at
textproc/xalan-c            ports at
textproc/xerces-c2          ports at
textproc/xerces-c2-devel    janos.mohacsi at
www/kannel                  ports at
www/osb-nrcore              ports at (%)
www/wiliki                  ports at
x11-clocks/glclock          ports at
x11-servers/xorg-server     x11 at
x11-toolkits/9libs          ports at
x11-toolkits/Xaw3d          dinoex at
x11-toolkits/fox17          gahr at
x11-toolkits/v              ports at
x11/mgapdesk                ports at
x11/xorg                    x11 at

(*) Only supported on Alpha
(#) Alpha mentioned in comment only
(%) Already deprecated

Peter Jeremy
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