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Rod Person rodperson at
Mon Mar 28 23:01:59 UTC 2011


I read "FreeBSD needs new blood!" by Martin Wilke and decided to try my
hand at this, but before diving into X11 like I want, I need to brush
off the C skills I haven't used in 10 years. I decided to first port
something from the Wanted Ports on the FreeBSD wiki and choose Fotoxx.

I've been successful in translating the code enough to get it to build
but I having some issues with the LIBS_DEPEND in the port Makefile.

Fotoxx depends on Libgtk2.0 as it is called, according to the web page,
in Ubuntu. This would be x11-toolkits/gtk20. 

If I put: 
in the Makefile everything builds great, but it checks for dependencies
that aren't needed by Fotoxx. All I want to check is to make sure gtk20
is installed. I have tried the following, but all of these fail to find
gtk20, even though it is installed on my system.

LIB_DEPENDS= gtk20:${PORTSDIR}/x11-toolkits/gtk20



I've also tried as BUILD_DEPENDS but it has the same result. I've
attached the Makefile in the current state.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Rod Person
"You ain't ready, yet."
 - Michael L. Flecther, Sr.
   aka Mike-A-Nike
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