some vdr intro/installation notes (watch/record/stream tv)

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Sun Mar 27 02:05:02 UTC 2011

On Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 4:44 PM, Juergen Lock <nox at> wrote:
>> You can automate most of the stuff required to run VDR, and everything
>> else can be put in a .conf somewhere for the stuff that can't.  I've
>> found this extremely useful and worth looking into for any level user.
>  Well passing plugin args is automated on Linux often but I didn't
> try to port those scripts, wanted to keep things simple...  (editing
> rc.conf I think is easy enough?)

I'm not a fan of scripts like runvdr to be honest.  I opted to just
write my own from scratch.  I use the bash shell and hadn't considered
whether or not freebsd has it available as well.  I hope so!

>> With vdr-xine no patching is necessary as long as you using
>> xine-lib-1.2 hg revision 11658 (hash 3501e0a6f75c) or newer.  I
>> recommend using this regardless as it contains items necessary for
>> VDR-1.7.17's new truecolor OSD support.
>  So xine-lib 1.2 is recommendable yet?  I was so far trying to stick
> to 1.1.19 release + patches since other FreeBSD ports use libxine
> too and I know nothing at all about the 1.2 branch and how stable
> it is... :)

Originally vdpau support was being developed against the 1.1 branch
but it eventually matured to the point where it was merged into
xine-lib-1.2 directly.  Since then all development has been against
xine-lib.1.2 with no backporting that I'm aware of.  When vdpau was
merged, I made the switch to the 1.2 branch.  There have been a few
bumps in the road but those were all resolved and my experience now is
that xine-lib-1.2 vdpau is very stable.  I'd say it's worth trying and
see if you get the same results because it's sure a lot easier then
maintaining a bunch of patches. :)

>> Your ion1 should be able to handle temporal, as mine does.  Using half
>> temporal shouldn't be necessary.
>  Ok I should check that.
>  Hmm no, a 1080i recording of `Servus TV Hockey night' I did for
> testing deinterlacing looks `jumpy' with temporal when there is
> more motion.  Maybe things have improved in libxine 1.2?

It could be.  I know vdpau support was completely re-written from
scratch a little while back.  There's also another alternative vdpau
implementation being developed (also against 1.2) which is already
working but looking good so far.  IIRC it needs some work and a lot of
code clean-up though.

>> > - Small bug:  if playback of a recording doesn't start try pressing Green.
>> >  (or F6 with my example remote.conf keyboard mapping.)
>> I've never heard of this bug.  Could you elaborate?
>  It mostly happens with short recordings that were already played
> before...  I think.  (Tho I also yesterday saw it with vdpau on a
> longer recording, for the first time.)

I tried it here and couldn't reproduce the problem.  I wonder if this
is related to using xine-lib-1.1 vdpau?  Are you aware of any linux
users with the problem also?

>  Oh, if you have a link for that... :)

I actually don't but I'll attach it to this post. :)

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