[ECFT] pkgng 0.1-alpha1: a replacement for pkg_install

Marcin Wisnicki mwisnicki+freebsd at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 23:01:29 UTC 2011

On Fri, 25 Mar 2011 11:11:11 +0100, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:

> pkgng is a binary package manager written from scratch for FreeBSD.


I know it is quite too early but I already have one feature request ;)
Perhaps it could be added to the TODO as a post-1.0 goal.

= Generic extraction filters =

Allow registration of custom filters that can alter/exclude/add? files 
during package extraction (installation).

Examples of possible filters:
 - strip debug info
 - exclude development files (headers, static libs)
 - exclude unused translations
 - exclude documentation (all or just unknown languages)
 - generic glob/regex path filters
 - optional file groups defined in package (install time OPTIONS) ?

Some sort of configuration mechanism with list of enabled filters and 
their options (like a list of languages to keep).

Most of this can be implemented as a simple glob/regex matching but there 
are edge cases where packages have some non-standard layout or have to 
keep certain file in which case a package metadata should contain a list 
of exclusions/additions from/to above categories.

Package manager should register only actually installed files but list of 
alterations should be also kept somewhere in database.

What do you think ?

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