FreeBSD Port: vim-lite-7.3.121

Niek Dekker niekdekker at
Thu Mar 24 03:38:54 UTC 2011

Hi there.

This is an issue in FreeBSD with Vim I cannot solve and I am writing
you, the port maintainer about this.

I have been using Vim in Freebsd for a number of years but have had a
problem with syntax coloring ever. I am running FreeBSD 7.x and 8.x on
i386 and amd64. Currently using Vim-lite 7.3.121.

Using the "syntax on" command in .vimrc. When opening a php file in Vim,
a lot of errors are being displayed. The errors are caused by line
continuation characters in /usr/local/share/vim/vim73/syntax/php.vim. In
Vim command files, the line continuation character is the backslash.
However, in contrast to shell scripts, the backslash is at the beginning
of the new line and not at the end of the continued line. Are you still
with me? The same occurs with the Python syntax coloring file, I just

Somehow, in FreeBSD Vim does not seem to recognize the line continuation
character and complains about it, resulting in errors when opening a
syntax file containing these characters.

What is the solution to this, if you know any?


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