KDE and GNOME release packages do not play well together

Kurt Jaeger lists at opsec.eu
Wed Mar 23 05:31:44 UTC 2011


> John Baldwin ha scritto:
> > This would appear to no longer be a supported use case in for 8.2 packages
> > (and if you believe posts on the forums, 8.1 was equally broken).  Namely,
> > some package the GNOME depends on wants to use unixODBC, and some other
> > package that KDE depends on wants to use libiodbc.  The simplest suggestion in
> > the forums appears to be to change the gnome package (devel/ptlib26) to use
> > libiodbc instead.
> Even if it could be simpler (is it?), I think unixODBC is a more common 
> choice these days, so changing the KDE ports could be better.

Both ports CONFLICT right now, only because both install 


Otherwise, they could be installed in parallel and there would be
no problem.

The contents of include/sql.h is very similar, because it contains
the interface definitions of ODBC (mostly 'defines').

> I don't have personal experience, but the two ports should be completely 
> interchangeable, so we could add support for USE_ODBC in 
> bsd.databases.mk and allow the user to choose the odbc implementation 
> (with one [unixODBC?] as default to create consistent packages).

As far as I heard from some ppl, they are not 100% interchangeable.

Maybe some clever construct of ifdef in a generic sql.h
and two install-locations for the two sql.h files would
help to resolv the CONFLICT ?

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