KDE and GNOME release packages do not play well together

John Baldwin jhb at freebsd.org
Tue Mar 22 20:40:27 UTC 2011

On Tuesday, March 22, 2011 4:20:06 pm Alex Dupre wrote:
> John Baldwin ha scritto:
> > This would appear to no longer be a supported use case in for 8.2 packages
> > (and if you believe posts on the forums, 8.1 was equally broken).  Namely,
> > some package the GNOME depends on wants to use unixODBC, and some other
> > package that KDE depends on wants to use libiodbc.  The simplest suggestion in
> > the forums appears to be to change the gnome package (devel/ptlib26) to use
> > libiodbc instead.
> Even if it could be simpler (is it?), I think unixODBC is a more common 
> choice these days, so changing the KDE ports could be better.
> A few stats:
> - ports supporting both unixODBC and iODBC: 17
> - ports supporting only unixODBC: 29
> - ports supporting only iODBC: 8
> I don't have personal experience, but the two ports should be completely 
> interchangeable, so we could add support for USE_ODBC in 
> bsd.databases.mk and allow the user to choose the odbc implementation 
> (with one [unixODBC?] as default to create consistent packages).

I'll defer judgement as to which approach is best.  I'll just be happy so
long as it is fixed in some fashion.  A USE_ODBC= knob sounds sensible to me.

John Baldwin

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