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Pav Lucistnik pav at FreeBSD.org
Tue Mar 22 19:12:47 UTC 2011

Henk van Oers píše v so 19. 03. 2011 v 23:29 +0100:
> From: Pav Lucistnik <pav at freebsd.org>
> Matthias Andree pí¹e v so 19. 03. 2011 v 09:52 +0100:
> [...]
> >> Where do you see the dividing line between web apps on one hand and on
> >> the other hand "http servers ... everything related to apache"?  IOW,
> >> how do I decide if I put a new port into www-webapps or into 
> >> www-servers
> >> for its primary category?
> > Basically, everything that serves network is "server" and everything
> > that generates pages on these servers is "webapp".
> So: why is p5-Mojolicious in webapp, it serves network (main deployment).
> And it's a client too...

COMMENT=A high level MVC web framework written in Perl

Screams "webapp" to me, but, I don't know every existing software in
detail so maybe I'm wrong here.

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