[mdb-dev] databases/mbdtools + unixODBC

Dale Scott dalescott at shaw.ca
Sun Mar 20 19:32:33 UTC 2011

Hi, can anyone clarify the necessary Makefile changes to resolve the "Error
expanding embedded variable" issue?


I'm trying to compile the mdbtools ODBC driver manager from the master
branch of the github project. After mdbtools-0.6pre1 release on Sourceforge,
there never was an official 0.6 release (although there are reportedly bug
fixes in the Sourceforge CVS). It seems mdbtools development then moved to
Github (https://github.com/brianb/mdbtools) several years ago, but there
never has been an official release since mdbtools-0.5 on Sourceforge (which
the mdbtools port is based on). 


So, going on the thought that the latest was the greatest, and using the
mdbtools github master branch downloaded 2 days ago (and following INSTALL):


stumbo# ./autogen.sh

. <snip, no errors or warnings>

Now type `make' to compile MDBTools.

stumbo# ./configure --with-unixodbc=/usr/local

. <snip, no errors or warnings>

stumbo# make

Making all in src

Making all in libmdb

. <snip, no errors or warnings>

Making all in odbc

Error expanding embedded variable.

*** Error code 1


Stop in /usr/home/dev/temp/brianb-mdbtools-ff251e7/src.

*** Error code 1


Stop in /usr/home/dev/temp/brianb-mdbtools-ff251e7.




This appears to be the same issue Brian Seklecki reported having with
mdbtools-0.6pre1, and solved kindly giving details, but what _exactly_ needs
doing escapes me (this is my first foray into port and makefile debugging
and I'm pretty much a noob at the whole process). 


Can anyone help with a pithy and quick solution, or even just clarify
Brian's solution?


My system is vanilla FreeBSD 7.3:


stumbo# uname -a

FreeBSD stumbo.ghostlytrio.local 7.3-RELEASE FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE #0: Sun Mar
21 06:15:01 UTC 2010
root at walker.cse.buffalo.edu:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  i386

stumbo# pkg_info | grep libtool

libtool-2.2.6b      Generic shared library support script

stumbo# pkg_info | grep automake

automake-1.10.1     GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (1.10)

automake-wrapper-20071109 Wrapper script for GNU automake

stumbo# pkg_info | grep autoconf

autoconf-2.62       Automatically configure source code on many Un*x

autoconf-wrapper-20071109 Wrapper script for GNU autoconf







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