mysql-client-5.5.10 fails to install properly, breaking all dependant ports

Stefan Bethke stb at
Sun Mar 20 11:54:43 UTC 2011

Since last year, updates to mysql-client-5.5.x kept breaking all dependant ports, including the server itself.  Apparently, the client library could not be located, thus triggering a re-install of the client, which failed because the client was already installed.  At the same time, the old binaries would not be able to find the client library, because the so version had been bumped.

I finally found the culprit, after trying to replicate the situation in a sandbox (instead of on my main mail server): the ${PREFIX)/lib/mysql dir is created with the standard umask, instead of overriding the bits.

In my particular case, the umask is set to 0002 instead of the default 0022, leaing to a lib dir with rwxrwxr-x.  ldconfig(8) refuses to take libs from group-writable directories.

It appears that the mkdir for this dir is somewhere inside the install target of MySQL, so I'n not certain what the easiest way would be to fix the permission bits.

I've updated my portupgrade script to reset the umask to avoid similar problems


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