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Pav Lucistnik pav at FreeBSD.org
Sat Mar 19 18:57:03 UTC 2011

Alex Dupre píše v so 19. 03. 2011 v 14:29 +0100:
> Pav Lucistnik ha scritto:
> >> I was wondering where you put httpcore and httpclient, two java
> >> libraries. Even if they are not "webapp", from this categorization I'd
> >> say they should go there, but I found one in "www" and one in "www-clients".
> >
> > Both will be moved to -clients, thanks.
> So -clients is the container for client libraries, too? And which 
> libraries goes into -webapp?

Yes, client libraries go to -clients, SOAP/webservice/page slurpers go
to -clients.

Various frameworks, modules, and libraries used in these frameworks, ie
stuff running on the server, goes to -webapps.

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