portmaster versus portsclean

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Thu Mar 17 18:41:47 UTC 2011

Am 16.03.2011 02:06, schrieb Warren Block:
> After switching to portmaster, portsclean is the last part of
> portupgrade I'm using.
> portsclean -C can be replaced with 'rm /usr/ports/*/*/work', or better
> with 'find -X /usr/ports/ -name work -depth 3 -exec rm -rf {} \;'.
> I don't see a way to do this with portmaster, but it's trivial.
> portsclean -D can be replaced with 'portmaster -t --clean-distfiles'.
> portsclean -DD can be replaced with 'portmaster --clean-distfiles'.
> (Those might be backwards, the wording in the portmaster man page is a
> little ambiguous.)
> Is there an equivalent for portsclean -L, to delete "old, duplicated, or
> orphaned shared libraries" in a batch?

Usually these would be either

- part of the base system, deleted by "make -C /usr/src delete-old-libs"

- part of the ports system, removed as the corresponding port gets 
uninstalled (and there are pkg_cutleaves and similar approaches and I 
suppose also a portmaster option)

- part of some backup of portupgrade or portmaster -w, and are moved out 
to a separate directory, /usr/local/lib/compat/pkg by default.

Otherwise you can try to use sysutils/libchk (which requires ruby - like 
portupgrade that also requires ruby)

Matthias Andree

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