Deprecation campaign

Mark Linimon linimon at
Thu Mar 17 09:12:45 UTC 2011

For those that want to see the state of all this, you can check out
the following URL:

In particular, the "interesting" entries for you may be the unmaintained
ports (e.g. maintainer = "ports at".)   In some of the other
cases, the maintainer had already asked for the port to be deprecated
(e.g. obsolete versions of databases/postgresql, dns/bind,
emulators/linux_base, etc.)

If you find that any of the ports on this list are ports that you use at
your site, please consider taking them over as maintainer.  This would
help FreeBSD out.

fwiw, an email version of this will go out on the 21st via a cronjob.



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