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Matthias Andree mandree at
Wed Mar 16 10:45:27 UTC 2011

Am 15.03.2011 23:19, schrieb Baptiste Daroussin:
> 2011/3/15 Charlie Kester<corky1951 at>
>> I see there's been another few batch commits deprecating some
>> unmaintained ports where "upstream is gone and/or distfile is no longer
>> available."
>> Maintainers and prospective maintainers should be sure to look at the
>> ports listed in these commits.  I don't think much effort was made to
>> check the availability of the distfiles.  Instead, it seems that all
>> that was done was to try the MASTER_SITES, etc. from the port Makefiles,
>> and if the fetch failed, onto the list they went.
>> NOTE: I'm NOT saying the committers' procedure was too lazy or anything
>> like that.  There are a lot of these broken ports in the tree, and
>> deprecation seems like a reasonable step to take -- especially if the
>> result is to trigger some action from people who want to see these ports
>> retained.
>> I just rescued one of these, sysutils/lookat, that was deprecated a few
>> days ago.  I followed the WWW link in the pkg-descr, found that the
>> author's website was still up and that the distfile could still be
>> downloaded -- but the download url had changed.  So all the port needed
>> was a tweak to the MASTER_SITES.
> Today I see that the fairly popular graphics/gimpshop has also been
>> deprecated.  Here the WWW link from pkg-descr also fails, but a quick
>> websearch found the new (?) official website for this app:
>>, where the distfile is available for download.
>> So here's another one that can be easily rescued.
>> And I'll bet there are more.
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> I am responsible for the deprecation and I have done more than just look if
> the distfiles fetch (I fixed lot of them) I may have missed some for sure,
> when when I deprecate sysutils/lookat I wasn't able to join the main website
> nor to fetch a distfile.
> About gimpshop it may be wrong, but one there website I only found windows
> and mac binaries, nothing.
> I am human and I can make mistakes. thanks pointing the mistakes.
> I really will be happy to remove the deprecation and expiration if people
> wanted to maintain or point me to the right WWW and MASTER_SITES for the
> given ports.


I generally agree with your approach, and as Doug pointed out, it has 
worked out fine.  Those ports that people had interest in triggered, for 
instance, Charlie's response.

However, we should be sure to find maintainers before ports are 
undeprecated, else we run into a cycle of deprecation, reviving the 
port, deprecating it again, and so on.

Charlie has stated which ports he isn't interested in (and I haven't 
checked if there are any left where we could offer him maintainership).

For anyone who reads this and is unhappy about the deprecation of a pet 
port, please feel invited to become a port maintainer -- the porter's 
handbook has lots of information, and port committers will likely be 
willing to lend a hand with a new maintainer's first steps.


Best regards

Matthias Andree
ports committer

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