deprecated ports

b. f. bf1783 at
Wed Mar 16 06:15:13 UTC 2011

> That said, I think that un-deprecating these ports just because someone
> can find a distfile somewhere is the wrong approach. bapt has been very
> careful to only deprecate ports that are on the absolute bottom of the
> pile. They are unmaintained, and unfetchable.

That's not completely accurate.  Some ports were deprecated because
their distfiles had been moved, sometimes to another directory on the
same server, but this went unnoticed because the distfiles were
mirrored locally.  I see a few others, some of them standard packages,
that were caught in the net for various reasons -- one because someone
had compressed the local copies of the distfiles, and then marked the
Makefile so that only the compressed versions that were not present
upstream would be fetched; another, still fetchable and with a
reachable homepage, was deprecated presumably because it had a few bad
mirrors.  I'll fix these. There is certainly a lot that could and
should be cleaned up, and it is difficult for one person to do this
without making a few mistakes -- I'm glad that Bapt was willing to
make the attempt. But it's not clear to me why, for example, some
usable fonts were deprecated -- fonts often don't have homepages.


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