ports/154859 (www/uzbl) forgotten -- and now superseeded

Klaus T. Aehlig aehlig at linta.de
Tue Mar 15 12:30:27 UTC 2011


almost a month ago I submitted ports/154859, a maintainer update of www/uzbl
to the then up-to-date release. Nothing has happend so far, and in the mean
time a new version has been released and I'm currently testing the updated
port; I expect so send a PR in the next days. Now I wonder, whether I should
prepare the diff under the assumption that ports/154859 gets committed first
(which would be good, to have a complete history in the ports tree!), or
whether I should asume that ports/154859 will never get handled and send a
patch with respect to the currently commited version.

Best regards,

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