[HEADS UP] GNU make 3.82

Ade Lovett ade at FreeBSD.org
Mon Mar 14 03:45:25 UTC 2011

On Mar 13, 2011, at 16:27 , Peter Jeremy wrote:
> Having read through this thread, it is still unclear to me why it is
> not possible to fix up the problematic ports before importing gmake
> 3.82, removing the need for a gmake381 port.

I believe Mark has offered up, on multiple occasions a wiki page from the _first_ exp run.

Of course, if port "A" fails as a result of gmake (or, quite frankly, whatever), and it has dependent ports, then unti such time as the proverbial "quick hack" to unbreak it, we have absolutely no idea of the carnage further down the tree.

devel/gmake381 exists for one reason, and one reason only.  To allow -exp runs to fully test what breaks, and what doesn't with a devel/gmake being 3.82.  You'll notice that it is not attached to the build (in devel/Makefile) and it is also marked IGNORE.  Using a few extra inodes in order to be able to properly test things (you should also note that USE_GMAKE=381 is merely part of an -exp patchset, and not present in the existing Mk/bsd.port.mk) is a minor cost for substantial gains when actually running said -exp runs.

Could this have been handled better.  Sure, maybe.  But it would require *proactive* work within the community as opposed to the "you're doing it wrong" *reactive* mentality.  It's easy to criticize.  Much harder to do work that affects thousand of ports and, in the best case, no-one actually sees a change.


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