[ECFT] drm/dri/mesa/xorg-server update [Part 1]

Martin Wilke miwi at FreeBSD.org
Fri Mar 11 11:38:01 UTC 2011


First of all, note that *this is very experimental, so you really have to
know what
you’re doing.* We managed to get drm/dri with the newer xorg-server to work,
and we have removed the support for WITHOUT_NOUVEAU.

We have just updated the xorg-dev repo:

– libdrm -> 2.4.24
– libGL to 7.10.1
– libGLU to 7.10.1
– libGLUw to 7.10.1
– libglut to 7.10.1
– xproto to 7.0.17
– libXaw to 1.0.9
– libXt to 1.1.0
– libX11 to 1.4.1
– xorg-server to 1.9.4

After installing these, you will have to rebuild the following ports:

– your graphic driver
– keybord driver
– mouse/synaptics driver

Upon rebuilt, restart them.
So to get the xorg stuff you will need to:

svn co https://trillian.chruetertee.ch/svn/ports/branches/xorg-dev

A small merge script to merge the svn checkout into the real portstree can
be found here:


The script is a modified version of the kdemerge script. Please set the
variable to the path of your X.org ports.

After merging, run one of the following command, depending on which tool you
to manage your installed packages.

portupgrade -af \*
portmaster -af

Please report any problems and issues to x11 (at) FreeBSD.org.

*Again, please be aware that this is very experimental*, and
I personally haven’t tested any 3D things yet, but we want
to share our work and start testing to get early feedback
for improvements. We plan to update Xorg fully to 7.6 after
we get some feedback for update part 1. It will be much easier
for us to figure out what the problems are with the updates
being separated in 3 parts. Please make sure you know what
you’re doing.

Thanks to Piter (gahr@) for helping me to get it compiled with our
base gcc version.

- Martin

PS: ECFT -> Experimental Call for Testing [image: :P]

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