xfce 4.8 upgrade errors

Pavel Timofeev timp87 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 12:53:57 UTC 2011

> Martin Wilke:

> please recompile again and restart it should really work.

Hmm, may be I do something wrong, but it doesn`t work.

By the way, new xfce4 from fresh ports looks very bad.
After fresh install it told me 'Welcome to the first start of the panel' and
I chose 'Use default config'.
And now I see that (look at screenshots):

Screenshot #1
1st, 2nd and 3rd icons/areas - is it normal location? I just added a plugin
to 3rd area. Before that it looked like 2nd. 4th area - don`t see icons.
Looks bad. Is it normal? Maybe I pick, I don`t know.

Screenshots #2 and #3
missing icons.

Also opera crashes my system when I use it in xfce4. It permanently hangs,
no messages in logs and no response from system. If I launch opera in clean
Xorg (twm?) it works very good.

Sorry for my english and bad fotos. I just want to help. I use FreeBSD 8.2
RELEASE, fresh ports, last opera-11.01, last xfce4.8 from ports,
Do you need any additional info from me?

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