FreeBSD needs fresh Blood!

Bernhard Froehlich decke at
Wed Mar 9 22:12:59 UTC 2011

On Wed, 9 Mar 2011 22:27:49 +0200, George Liaskos wrote:
>> Building INDEX is not essential in this thread, merging trees is
>> closer to subject,
>> but primary I want, that testing development version of ports will be simpler.
>> Please look at: 'Firefox 4 - Beta' threat:
>> some people don't known where they can find freebsd-gecko development repo.
>> Or at 'xorg-server 1.9.3 and 1.10.0' threat:
>> Martin wrote:
>>> I'll cleanup all the mess and commit all stuff to the xorg-dev repo. Maybe
>>> someone have intressing to test it.
>> but without any info where I can find xorg-dev repo,
>> How I can test new xorg, since I don't known where this repo is?
> You can safely add gnome3, chromium and virtualbox to the list :p

Actually virtualbox can be found in the blueports repository.

That repository started as a small svn repository for my own ports and
currently has around 15 user accounts and is the home for some major
ports like virtualbox, xbmc, mythtv, enna and cinelerra. It's main
advantage currently is to have version control and an automatic
tinderbox run on 7/8/9 on i386 and amd64 for each commit.

But there are a few problems with it's current design and it's not
really a sandbox but more like a ports tree of the hell. So I started a
few weeks ago thinking and planning about how to do it right. It's a lot
of work that is needed to be done on the tinderbox side and every user
needs his own subtree and things like support for multiple tinderboxes
and multiple architectures and a small wiki ...

I plan to create a first prototype but due to lack of time it all takes
very long. But it's important to mention that this is planned as a free
infrastructure for everyone targeted at ports committers and ports

Why do i mention this here? Because I think it could be a very good
infrastructure that can also include projects with teams and many ports
like xorg or gecko in one place without having to recreate all the
infrastructure for every project.

Just to mention it - this is in no way a replacement for the FreeBSD
ports tree. It's only for development ports.

Thoughts? Wishes?

Bernhard Froehlich

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