graphics/ImageMagick does not build

Raphael Kubo da Costa kubito at
Wed Mar 9 20:25:32 UTC 2011

After the most recent upgrade to ImageMagick, I could not get it to
build here on 8.2-STABLE:

magick/composite.c: In function 'TextureImage':
magick/composite.c:2776: error: expected '#pragma omp' clause before 'omp_throttle'
magick/composite.c:2824: error: expected '#pragma omp' clause before 'omp_throttle'

These are my current options:

     IMAGEMAGICK_16BIT_PIXEL=on "16bit pixel support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_BZLIB=on "Bzlib support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_DJVU=off "DJVU format support (needs threads)"
     IMAGEMAGICK_DOT=off "GraphViz dot graphs support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_FFTW=on "Discrete Fourier Transform support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_FONTCONFIG=on "Fontconfig support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_FPX=on "FPX format support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_GSLIB=off "libgs (Postscript SHLIB) support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_JBIG=on "JBIG format support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_JPEG=on "JPG format support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_JPEG2000=on "JPEG2000 format support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_LCMS=on "LCMS support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_LZMA=on "LZMA support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_LQR=on "Liquid Rescale support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_MODULES=on "Modules support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_OPENEXR=on "OpenEXR support (needs threads)"
     IMAGEMAGICK_OPENMP=on "OpenMP for SMP (needs threads)"
     IMAGEMAGICK_PDF=on "PDF format support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_PERL=off "Perl support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_PNG=on "PNG format support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_SVG=on "SVG format support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_TESTS=off "Run bundled self-tests after build"
     IMAGEMAGICK_TIFF=on "TIFF format support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_TTF=on "Freetype support"
     IMAGEMAGICK_WMF=off "WMF format support"
     THREADS=on "Threads support"
     X11=on "X11 support"

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