FreeBSD needs fresh Blood!

b. f. bf1783 at
Tue Mar 8 17:18:24 UTC 2011

>portmaster -L --index-only  0.76s user 1.65s system 6% cpu 38.871 total
>So it takes 38s on a *very small* installation. My experience is that
>all FreeBSD ports tools are incredibly slow, be it portupgrade,
>portmaster, even the basic tools like pkg_version. Maybe it would help
>to recognize that such observations are perhaps not unrelated to the
>original poster comments.

I am only seeing ~8s for this on my 9-CURRENT amd64 system with ~400
ports, including the time to download a new index from the server.
These comparisons aren't very helpful when they're not accompanied by
enough information to reason about causes.  "Incredibly slow" is
rather subjective.  Compared to what?  What specific recommendations
do you have for improvements?  And I might add, why haven't you
submitted your own tools as a port, since you seem to think, as you
have written elsewhere, that they offer substantial improvements over
the others that are available?


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