FreeBSD needs fresh Blood!

Michel Talon talon at
Tue Mar 8 16:24:38 UTC 2011

Warren Block writes:
> It continues to amaze me how much you have in there.  Oh, and my times 
> earlier were probably user time rather than wall time, for which I'll 
> shiftily blame the difference between csh's time builtin and 
> /usr/bin/time.  Redoing that:
> portmaster -L | filterfu:  43.6
> pkg_version -vl'<':        30.5
> portversion -vl'<':         3.6
> portmaster -L --index-only: 2.5

I don't have the same experience by far:
on a jail i have:

===>>> 68 total installed ports
        ===>>> 61 have new versions available
portmaster -L --index-only  0.76s user 1.65s system 6% cpu 38.871 total

So it takes 38s on a *very small* installation. My experience is that
all FreeBSD ports tools are incredibly slow, be it portupgrade,
portmaster, even the basic tools like pkg_version. Maybe it would help
to recognize that such observations are perhaps not unrelated to the
original poster comments.


Michel TALON

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