Thunar startup

Olivier Duchateau duchateau.olivier at
Sun Mar 6 15:57:08 UTC 2011

2011/3/5 Warren Block <wblock at>:
> The last issue with the new xfce 4.8 is Thunar.  From the command line:
>  % thunar
>  (thunar:71482): GVFS-RemoteVolumeMonitor-WARNING **: invoking IsSupported()
> failed for remote volume monitor with dbus name
> org.gtk.Private.GPhoto2VolumeMonitor:
> org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Process
>  /usr/local/libexec/gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor exited with status 1
> After about twenty seconds, the Thunar window opens.  Another twenty seconds
> later, another one opens (this may be due to hal misidentifying hard drives
> as removable).
> gvfs is built with only the AVAHI option enabled, and gphoto is not
> installed.
> Building Thunar with default config options or all PLUG_* options disabled
> doesn't affect it, nor does the presence or absence of the thunar-vfs port.

Thunar's options are independents, (except trash panel applet, which
depends of gvfs).

thunar-vfs is only necessary for thunar plugins which are not yet
ported to « 4.8 branch », you can run Xfce without it.

> Once open, Thunar seems to work fine.
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