Adding a PAM config option to net-im/ejabberd

Ashish SHUKLA ashish at
Sun Mar 6 15:44:07 UTC 2011

Lawrence Stewart writes:
> On 01/31/11 13:09, Ashish SHUKLA wrote:
>> Lawrence Stewart writes:
>>> On 01/31/11 00:45, Ashish SHUKLA wrote:
>>>> Hi Lawrence,
>>>> Lawrence Stewart writes:
>>>>> Hi Ashish,
>>>>> What do you think about applying the attached patch to the ejabberd
>>>>> port? It installs some parts required to allow ejabberd to auth against
>>>>> PAM and is working great for me.
>>>> Sure, I can apply it, once ports freeze is over. I also need to update
>>>> ejabberd. I'll do both together.
>>> Sounds good, thanks. One question: in order to get PAM auth working, you
>>> have to set uid root on the epam bits and chown them appropriately in
>>> order to allow things to work. Should the port installation process do
>>> these steps as well or should we leave them to the user? I would be
>>> inclined to have the port do them so that upgrading the port doesn't
>>> break PAM auth after the upgrade. We would want to print a big warning
>>> at the end of the port install about the set uid security aspects though.
>> Thanks for the mention, I suggest adding mention of setuid bit in the
>> description of the OPTION. And ofcourse port is going to set the setuid bit
>> during installation.
>> And `security-check' target in will catch the setuid bit set on
>> the installed executable, and will inform the user as well. So, adding a
>> warning about setuid bit be redundant, IMHO.

> Updated patch attached. Feel like committing it for me?

Sure. I'm doing an update to 2.1.6 this week, and will include your diff.

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