FreeBSD needs fresh Blood!

Grzegorz Blach magik at
Sun Mar 6 15:42:47 UTC 2011

I read last post Martin Wilke's blog called "FreeBSD needs fresh Blood!"

First of all, I think it's difficult to testing ports.

I'm using testing release of VirtualBox,
but for build this port I must download patches,
apply its on my own tree and merge its with official ports
using portshaker.

It's possible to build testing ports outside tree,
but I must build every port separately, since `Make` don't known how to
track dependencies.

Another possibility is replace ports in disk, but after upgrade tree eg.
with portsnap I lose my changes, and portmaster want to rebuild these
ports to stable release.

If testing will be simpler, I think more people will do this.
Maybe we must create two trees, eg: ports-stable and ports-current
First we publish changes to current tree and after week or two without
pr, we publish updates to stable tree too.

Merging trees is another huge problem.
Portshaker do this very well, but after merge I must rebuild INDEX file,
which takes long time. This should be faster or even shouldn't be
required (hard to do).

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